Turing’s Universal Machine: The Top British Invention of Past 100 years

I knew he would do it!

Alan Turing conceived of the “Universal Machine” as a computer which could carry out instructions rather than being designed and built for a special purpose in hardware. This single invention created what we now know as “software”, being the machine design expressed in program code.

This invention has now the award, by public vote, of being the top invention by a British inventor of the past 100 years. In my opinion this perhaps the best invention of all countries on the planet over the past 100 years, and may remain so for at least another 100 years into the future.

You can read more about this on the Great British Innovations Vote Page.

Receiving 24% of the votes, he just edged out the “Mini” car with 23% into second place, X-ray crystallograpy with 13% in third, and the discovery of pulsars with 6% in fourth place.