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The Museum of Mathematics

I have decided to start a Museum of Mathematics for South Africa.

This is a large and long project and I am starting small with a virtual museum and I am acquiring items which demonstrate some element of mathematics and which tell some story and which illustrate some element of mathematics.

At present I do not have a dedicate web site for this, but we are designing one and it should be up soon. At present we are hosting a blog on ETHER at

The Museum of Mathematics, or MUMA, is envisioned as a home of mathematical knowledge, and point of reference for valid and trusted content. It is intended to support everyone interested in mathematics, at all levels, as well as to support those learning mathematics. My initial focus is on school-level mathematics, and especially support for the Senior Phase in Grades 7-9, and the FET Phase for Grades 10-12.

Given that mathematics is an intangible, I am interested in collecting items which do not have a physical counterpart, such as mathematical stories, jokes, and interesting problems, and I am also very interested in building up biographies of mathematicians and their contributions. Whereas there are a few very famous mathematics, such as Archimedes, Pythagoras, and Newton, there are many others who are not as well known, but who have greatly contributed to the development of mathematics over the past 2500 years.

However, here is a question for you, which is quite a difficult question in mathematics…..Did we (humans) create mathematics, or was it there already in the universe before we arrived? And a related question…if there are other intelligences in the universe who have reached a level of knowledge of at least where we are now, would they have had to use the same mathematical systems or are there alternative mathematical realities?